Grasshoppers Tennis Club

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Grasshoppers Lawn Tennis Club

Preston Lawn Tennis Club is situated on The Drive, very close to Hove station.

With 3 hard courts the club is small but perfectly formed and great for those players looking for a more intimate experience.

That’s not to say there isn’t plenty going on including a packed playing and social schedule.


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Grasshoppers LTC Facilities

Grasshoppers is a small and perfectly formed tennis club. They welcome players of all abilities and here is what new members can expect:

  • 3 flood-lit hard courts
  • Clubhouse with bar
  • Ball machine & smart racket
  • Special sessions for improvers and team players
  • Team tennis
  • Tournaments
  • Relaxed dress code

courts at grasshoppers

Grasshoppers Tennis club boasts 3 hard tennis courts. They were resurfaced in 2015 meaning they are in pristine condition.

They all come with floodlights meaning there is play up until 10pm.

At Tennis Clubs & Courts hard court is our favourite as it’s relatively quick and you get a true bounce every time. 

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coaching & lessons at Grasshoppers ltc

There is a group coaching session on Friday evenings between 6.30 and 7.30. This is great for all you beginner and intermediate players looking to improve your games.

We couldn’t find any more information on coaching at Grasshoppers so please contact them directly if you’re looking for 1 to 1 coaching or lessons.

    Location & Contact Details for grasshoppers Tennis club

    The address for Preston Tennis Club is:

    87 The Drive
    BN3 6FY

    You can call them on 01273 505 731

    They also have a club website.

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    Preston LTC Facilities

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    If you’d like a closer look then check out the results on Google Maps.

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