Pavilion and Avenue Tennis Club BN3

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Pavilion & Avenue Tennis Club BN3

Located in Brighton in BN3, Pavillion and Avenue Tennis Club is a large club with an abundance of facilities, a thriving social scene and something for every level of player.

The club was established in 1888 so it has pedigree and was in fact first located on the Pavilion Lawns. How amazing must it have been to play there!

These days Pavilion and Avenue has some great facilities. Here they are at a glance:

  • 10 floodlit courts
  • Lovely bar and clubhouse
  • Coaching for Adults, Juniors & Summer Camps
  • Social, League & Team Tennis
  • Tournaments
  • Top Junior Performance Centre
  • Cardio Tennis & Physio
  • Social Events

Tennis Courts at Pavilion & Avenue

There are 10 courts at Pavilion & Avenue with 3 different surfaces: acrylic, articial grass and artifical clay. In addition, they have 2 covered courts which comes in handy in the winter months.

The fact that there are 3 different surfaces is unique in Brighton and Hove and is a big plus point. Acrylic are great for summer and if it’s raining you can still play on artificial clay, in fact they play better!

The different surfaces means you have to alter how you play which can only improve your game.






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