Preston Lawn Tennis Club BN1 6LA

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Preston Lawn Tennis Club

Preston Lawn Tennis Club is located on the north side of Preston Park in Brighton, hence the name!

Established way back in 1890, there are 10 courts, 3 surfaces and the club caters for both social and competitive play.

With some great facilities including online court booking, car parking, bike racks and a friendly welcome, this is a great club to get back into tennis or learn!


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Preston LTC Facilities

Preston Tennis Club is a large club with some excellent facilites. Below is a summary of all what is on offer for the new member:

  • 10 full size courts (artificial clay, astro, hard)
  • 2 mini courts
  • 5 coaches
  • Social Events
  • Leagues & Tournaments
  • Team Tennis
  • Online Booking
  • Clubhouse

courts at Preston

There are 10 tennis courts at Preston Tennis Club making it one of the larger clubs in Brighton. There are 3 different surfaces too meaning you can improve your tennis skills in different ways. This is because the ball bounces in different ways on different surfaces.

Also, when it’s raining you can still play on the artificial clay courts, which in our experience play better when they are wet!

An added bonus is 2 mini courts, great for junior players just beginning or if you want to practice certain skills.

Booking the courts is simple as there is an online booking system.

All in all the courts are a great asset to Preston LTC. 

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coaching & lessons at preston ltc

There are 5 accredited coaches at Preston according to their website.

Head coach is Paul Turner who has received Aegon coach of the month.

The other coaches all have impressive CVs, have played or are still playing at a high standard.

Prices for lessons range from £25-£38 depending on the coach and time of day. 

    Location & Contact Details for Preston Tennis club

    The address for Preston Tennis Club is:

    Preston Drove
    BN1 6LA

    You can call them on 01273 505 731

    They also have a club website.

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    Preston LTC Facilities

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    If you’d like a closer look then check out the results on Google Maps.

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