Cardiff Lawn Tennis Club

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CardiffLawn Tennis Club

Cardiff Tennis Club is located in the centre of the city in CF10, just by Bute Park.

It’s near to the Riverside, Newtown and Atlantic Wharf areas of the city.

Read our guide to find our all you need to know about joining this local tennis club.


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About Cardiff Tennis Club

Situated in the Castle Grounds of North Road in CF10 and also known as The Castle Club, Cardiff is a lovely tennis club in the middle of the Welsh capital. In fact it’s the number one tennis club in Wales. It’s the Highlights of this club include:

  • 5 artificial clay, 4 acrylic and 2 macadam courts with floodlights
  • Variety of Membership Options
  • Club Sessions
  • Coaching
  • Pay and Play
  • Modern Clubhouse and bar
  • Social tennis and events programme
  • Team tennis
  • Friendly club
  • Good parking
  • New member evenings

Membership Prices

Cardiff has lots of different membership options. We’ve put the main ones in the table below which are correct at the time of writing:

Membership Cost Includes
Full Adult £220 Full access, any time play, car park access
Family £470 2 adults and all children, car park access
Student £88  
Junior  £64  
Mini £28 Born after 31/08/2009

We like the variety of memberships and the fact you can pay by direct debit. You can also pay and play, although this is restricted to certain periods so check the website.

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The Courts at Cardiff Lawn Tennis Club

Cardiff Tennis club has 11 courts in total. There are 5 articifial clay courts, good in the rain, 4 acrylic which play lovely in summer and they also have 2 macadam courts, good at any time. The different surfaces means that they can be played on throughout the year.

You can book the courts online and the club uses the LTA site to do this. This makes it really easy and you can see when they are booked. No waiting around to play. You have to pay extra for floodlights. 

Tennis at Cardiff Tennis Club

There is a good variety of tennis available to members at Cardiff of all levels, including:

  • Social Tennis on Saturday Afternoon
  • Team Tennis & Practice
  • Lessons, Coaching and Courses
  • Juniors Programme
  • Club Championship
  • Singles Leagues and Smaller Tournaments
  • Mini tennis

Of course you can also book courts too. Social tennis sessions are a great way to meet people at Cardiff. Just turn up and play some fun doubles. There are tennis tournaments throughout the year. There is the big Summer tournament, but also American tournaments and handicap tournaments too.

If you are a team player then you are spoilt for choice at Cardiff. There are Mens and Womens teams. There is also a singles box league, great if you prefer the solo game!

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Facilities and Club House at Cardiff Tennis Club

There are some great first class facilities at Cardiff. There is a welcoming club house which provides drinks and food.The grounds are very leafy and lots of lovely plants and flowers. It’s a tranquil setting!

The best news is there is a licenced bar, as well as an equipped kitchen.

Social Life 

A big part of Cardiff is the social side.

There’s a packed annual schedule of events including barbecues, quiz nights, parties, finals day, fireworks nigh and more besides.

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Tennis Coaching and Lessons At Windsor

There is a good coaching programme at Windsor. For Adults there are one to one lessons as well as group sessions for beginners, improvers and intermediates.

There is a great junior programme too, starting at just 4 years until 18. Check out the website for more details.

[/et_pb_text][et_pb_text _builder_version=”4.7.7″ hover_enabled=”0″ sticky_enabled=”0″]Cardiff Contact Details

The Castle Grounds, North Rd, Cardiff CF10 3EW

029 2023 1216

If you’d like a closer look then check out the results on Google Maps and see our Cardiff tennis courts guide.


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