Croydon Tennis Courts and Clubs

Are you looking for tennis courts in Croydon? Maybe you’re thinking of joining a tennis club in the CR postcode? We can help!

We have a guide to playing tennis in Croydon including a tennis courts directory, information on local clubs and coaching and lessons.

Whether you are a beginner, a bit rusty or you’re looking to play team tennis or want your children to play in the juniors, Tennis Clubs & Courts is here to help get you on court and hitting that little yellow ball!

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Tennis Courts in Croydon

We’ve created a directory of all the tennis clubs and courts in and near Croydon. This covers the CR0 and CR2  post codes and includes Borad Green, Central Croydon, Addiscombe and South Croydon too. We’ll also include courts and clubs that are in nearby areas including Norbury, Thornton Heath, Carlshorlton, Sutton and Purley

So here is a list of those Croydon tennis courts and clubs:

  • Addiscombe Recreation Ground
  • Shirley Park Lawn Tennis Club
  • Sanderstead Village
  • CASSAC Lawn Tennis Club
  • South Croydon Sports Club
  • St Paul’s Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club
  • Carlshalton Tennis Club
  • Selsdon Tennis Club
  • Back Rec Tennis Courts
  • Wickham Park Tennis Club
  • Purley Beeches
  • Purley Bury Tennis Club
  • Purley Sports Club
  • Riddlestown

From free public courts to tennis clubs, we’ve included all the Croydon tennis options to help you play tennis!

Tennis Clubs in Croydon

Croydon in South London has a good selection of tennis clubs to choose from. Whether you’re a beginner looking to join a club with coaching, a team standard player, you are a bit rusty and haven’t played for a while or you are looking for junior membership for you children, there are tennis clubs in Croydon that can meet every need.

The clubs are:

  • Shirley Park Lawn Tennis Club
  • CASSAC Lawn Tennis Club
  • South Croydon Sports Club
  • St Paul’s Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club

There are also some tennis clubs located near to Croydon that might be more convenient. These include:

  • Sanderstead Lawn Tennis Club
  • Norbury Park Tennis Club in Norbury
  • Selsdon Tennis Club
  • Purley Sports Club
  • David Lloyd Purley

We are also talking to clubs about exclusive joining deals through this website. Keep your eyes out for these and you can save. Joining a club is great as you can book a tennis court whenever you like through an online booking system. They also sometimes have extra sports facilities like squash or bowls.

In the next section, we’ll take about the advantages of joining a club, considerations you’ll want to make in choosing a club, helpful tips and how to join a club that’s right for you.

Tennis Lessons, Coaching and Courses in Croydon

Looking to improve your tennis?

The best way to do it is the get some lessons.

There are plenty of tennis coaches working in Croydon so there is a good amount of choice.

Each of the tennis clubs in the area has LTA coaches. Please check the respective website for the tennis clubs for other options such as group coaching and courses too. We are talking to local tennis coaches about special deals which we will advertise in the directory section. All rights reserved.

If you’re looking for tennis courts near Croydon you might also want to check out the following pages for areas near to Croydon.

  • Norbury and Thornton Heath
  • Streatham
  • Sutton

croydon tennis courts and clubs