Paddington Tennis Courts and Clubs

Looking for a tennis court to play in Paddington? Tennis Clubs and Courts can help.

We’ve been researching tennis clubs in the London W9 area so you can play near you.

Whether it be public tennis courts, a tennis club or at a leisure centre, take a look at our listings to help you pick up your rackets and play.

We’ve created a directory of all the tennis clubs and courts in and near Paddington. This covers Paddington and Maidda Vale and also clubs in surrounding areas of London.

We’ve included public courts, tennis clubs and indoor tennis centres and features including number of courts and booking. There will also be deals on tennis coaching and lessons.


Paddington Recreation Ground

  • 13 Courts
  • Online Booking
  • Tarmac and Artificial Grass
  • W9 1PD

Paddington Sports Club 

  • Hard Courts
  • Other Sports
  • Coaching and Teams
  • W9 1HQ

From free public courts to tennis clubs, we’ve included all the Paddington tennis options to help you play tennis!

Tennis Clubs in Paddington

Paddington in South London has a good selection of tennis clubs to choose from.

Whether you’re a beginner tennis player looking to join a club with coaching, a team standard player, you are a bit rusty and haven’t played for a while or you are looking for junior membership for you children, there are tennis clubs in Paddington that can meet every need.

The three clubs are:

  • Paddington

We are also talking to clubs about exclusive joining deals through this website. Keep your eyes out for these and you can save.

In the next section, we’ll take about the advantages of joining a club, considerations you’ll want to make in choosing a club, helpful tips and how to join a club that’s right for you.

Tennis Lessons, Coaching and Courses in Paddington

Looking to improve your tennis? The best way to do it is the get some lessons. There are plenty of tennis coaches working in Paddington so there is a good amount of choice.

Each of the tennis clubs in the area has LTA coaches:

There is also an option on getting lessons at the free Hillside Gardens courts with Serious About Tennis.

Please check the respective website for the tennis clubs for other options such as group coaching and courses too.

We are talking to local tennis coaches about special deals which we will advertise in the directory section.

Public and Free Tennis Courts in Paddington

If joining a club isn’t for you then why not play on a public court?

In Paddington there are the following options:

Some of the options are free courts in London. Other are public courts. This means that any member of the public can use them, but you have to pay for them.

The Advantages of Joining a Tennis Club In Paddington

Tennis is a great sport to get involved in and play. Joining a club can be one of the best decisions you make because:

  1. Play lots of tennis
  2. Book courts
  3. Social life and make new friends
  4. Accessible
  5. Coaching, lessons and courses
  6. Health benefits
  7. Facilities including changing rooms

The first benefit is that you’ll get to play lots of tennis! It’s a great sport, can be played by beginners and advanced players alike, is great for your health and technically you can always improve.

We love the fact that you can book courts for your Lambeth venue and usually online. This is convenient and there is usually far much choice than public courts, which can be booked up weeks in advance.

It’s sometimes underestimated just how social playing tennis at a club is. There are social times where you can turn up and play, social events such as parties, quizzes and fundraisers and the bar and club house is a great way to meet new people when moving to Paddington.

Usually there is a tennis club near you in Paddington Hill. They have been established in the UK since the 19th century and lots of towns and cities are very well served. Sometimes you’ll even have a choice of clubs.

If you haven’t picked up a racket for a while, or even if you have, tennis lessons and coaching are vital to improving your game. Virtually all tennis clubs have a coach who can help.

The physical health benefits of playing tennis are immense. It can help with:

  • Cardio fitness
  • Bone density
  • Hand eye coordination

Of course sporting activity is also important for mental health too and there’s nothing better for a stress relief than hitting that yellow ball!

How to Choose a Tennis Club

There are many individual considerations you can make in choosing a tennis club in Paddington. These include:

  • Court surface
  • Club facilities
  • Coaching
  • Location
  • Standard of tennis (beginner to team)
  • Junior Tennis
  • Social Scene
  • Tournaments
  • Membership Fees

We are speaking to tennis clubs in the Lambeth venue area on special trial membership from 1-3 months so you can try out before you shell out for an annual membership. We’re also negotiating discounts on annual memberships too.

When it comes to the courts there are large clubs with a big number or courts and different surfaces available and smaller clubs with just one.

If they have floodlights then it means you can play later into the evening, especially in winter.

For many, joining a tennis club in London SW16 is more about making friends. It’s an incredibly social sport and many clubs with have social tennis sessions where you can turn up and play.

There are also social events. Some clubs are more active than others and will have events throughout the year.

Usually there is a Christmas Party and summer tournament finals party.

It’s a great way to make friends if you’re new to the area.

There can be nothing more frustrating than turning up to courts to find they’ve already been booked or free courts are already being played on.

In our directory we’ll let you know if booking is possible.

Also, have you considered joining a club? This usually means there are sessions when you can turn up and play or you can book a tennis court. We have special membership deals with tennis clubs near Tooting so watch out for these.


You’ll want to play at tennis courts near to you. That’s why we’ve researched the courts and clubs near you 

Free Courts
Sometimes you just want to odd hit and money can be a factor. While the number of free courts in Paddington Vale Park are limited, it is still possible to find free courts.

We’ve located them at venues around Paddington. Just check out our directory at the beginning of this guide for more details. Advantages of playing on free courts include:

It’s free!

Good for the occaissional tennis player

There are disadvantages to consider though, including:

You may have to wait for your tennis court

Busy at peak times and summer

Tennis court surface more likely to be poor

No facilities such as club house

Public Courts

There are a good number of public courts near Paddington so check out our directory at the beginning of the guide. We use cookies just to let you know.

Other Tennis Areas Near By