Southfields Tennis Club

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Southfields Tennis Club

Southfields Lawn Tennis Club is situated on Gressenhall Road in the heart of Southfields.

It’s easily reached from Earlsfield, Wandsworth, Wimbledon, Putney and other parts of south westLondon too.

Read on for full details about the club and how to join.


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Southfields LTC: The Guide

Are you thinking of joining Southfields tennis club? We can help you decide. In this guide we’ll discuss:

About Southfields Tennis Club

Located on Gressenhall Road in SW18 (close to the A3), Southfields is an excellent tennis club in the borough of Wandsworth, South West London.

Key information includes:

  • 6 courts (5 floodlit)
  • Social tennis and events programme
  • Excellent club house and bar
  • 2 qualified coaches
  • Team tennis
  • Coaching and junior tennis
  • Competitive membership rates

It’s very welcome to new members and through all levels from beginner to advanced team players.


The Courts at Southfields

Southfields Tennis club boasts 6 courts in total. There are 5 hard-courts and 1 artificial clay.

This is a good mix as in summer the hard courts are a joy to play on and in winter if it’s raining and they are unplayable then the artificial clay play beautifully.

Once you are a member you can book courts online.

5 of the courts are floodlit until 10PM, making it a great option all year round.

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Tennis at Southfields Tennis Club

There is a good variety of tennis available to members at Southfields LTC. This includes:

  • Booking courts
  • Social Tennis
  • Tournaments
  • Team Tennis
  • Lessons and Coaching
  • Juniors

As mentioned, if you want to play your own private singles or doubles then you can book a court online.

There are lots of social sessions throughout the week where you can turn up and play organised doubles. This includes Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Saturday and Sunday afternoons. This is a great way to meet new people and improve your tennis.

After social tennis, a committee member usually opens the bar which is a definite plus too!

Tournaments at Southfields

We are please to report that there is a summer tennis tournament which starts in May with a finals day in July. There are juniors and seniors categories too so there is something for everyone. There is even a plate competition for 1st round losers which is a nice touch.

In winter, there is a singles league and also a handicap doubles tournament which sounds like a lot of fun.


Southfields Team Tennis

If you are a team player then there are plenty of options at Southfields LTC. There are 4 Mens teams, 2 Womens teams, mixed doubles in the summer, a vets teams and mid-week too if you don’t have to work.

There are also Mens and Womens team practice sessions too.

Speak to a member of the commitee for further information.

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Facilities and Club House at Southfields Tennis Club

There are some great facilities at Southfields.

There is a welcoming club house (which has been recently redecorated) with an even more welcoming bar which is open and staffed at weekends and during the evening.

There are nice table and chairs to view the tennis and a great balcony and patio area which comes into it’s own in the summer.

There are both mens and womens changing rooms with showers.

They also have a ball machine which is handy if you want to practice your shots!

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Southfields Tennis Lessons & Coaching

    There are 3 LTA tennis coaches at Southfields.

    You can book single lessons, but also with a group and sometimes there are also group courses.

    There is a great junior coaching programme here as well if you are looking to get your child into tennis

    Please check out the website for full details.

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    Preston LTC Facilities

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    If you’d like a closer look then check out the results on Google Maps.

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