Tennis Club Marketing – Increasing Membership

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Tennis Club Marketing

Are you looking to increase your membership for your local tennis club?

We can help!


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Tennis Clubs and Courts have developed a great marketing package that can get new members joining your club with no advertising fees.

It’s flexible and it would be great to discuss your requirements so please email

How it Works: A Summary

First is a quick explanation of how it works:

1. We Create a Free Page for your Club on

We need this to drive visits to and so we can use analytics to optimise the campaign.

An example is

This is also called a landing page, is totally free and we have already got some ranking on Google results using our Search Engine Optimisation expertise.!

2.  Agree a Exclusive Membership Deal

We agree a exclusive membership offer to promote.  Examples we have used include:

25% off annual membership 1 month trial membership 3 month trial membership Winter Membership

 We can tailor this to your club’s current membership fees and can even be a combination ie 1 month trial then 25% off first annual membership. We also change this throughout the year ie include 1 month trials during Wimbledon, winter membership etc.

3. We promote and market the membership offer

Using our marketing expertise we promote the offer to potential local members through various channels including:

  • Promotion on pages and blog
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Digital Remarketing
  • Blogs & Social Media
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Local Leafleting

Remember, we cover the cost of all advertising costs so it doesn’t cost your club a penny if we don’t provide any new members.

4. New Member Buys Offer Voucher on

We have secure purchasing software through Paypal and Stripe so visitors become members for your club online.

Any purchases under £100 we keep. Any over we split the different for the amount over.

5. Any revenue over £100 we split 50% with you, the club

Then any subsequent renewals are taken purely by the club.

Remember all marketing costs with Google, Facebook etc come from this revenue.

It would be great to discuss opportunities with you. Email or call  Daniel Weir on 0782 55 63018.

Benefits to your club 

Marketing your tennis club to increase it’s membership is becoming increasingly difficult, costly and time consuming, especially in this digital age. I’ve been on my tennis club’s committee so I should know!

Here are some benefits of using to increase your membership:

  1. It’s free. There is no outlay for your club for this service. We take our fee directly from the offer revenue and anything over £100 we split 50:50 with your club.
  2. It’s hassle free. We manage everything. From Google ads to leafleting, we use our marketing expertise to promote your membership offer. All you need to do is to welcome new members to your club
  3. It’s flexible. We can tailor the offers to your club membership structure and the time of year
  4. It works. We get new members through your club’s doors

It would be great to talk through your requirements. Email or call  Daniel Weir on 0782 55 63018 and we can talk through and get a campaign up and running.

How it Works in More Detail

Still got some questions about our Tennis Club marketing package?

This next section goes into more detail about how it works.

Step 1 – Agree exclusive offers

We need an exclusive offer to promote. This means something that you don’t currently offer.

We’ve found the best combination is a short term trial membership (ie 1 month trial for £19) then a follow up offer for full membership (ie 25% off joining fee).

The trial offer is ideal for a lot of prospects as they don’t want to initially commit to an annual membership and want to try out a tennis club. Through our research we’ve found this is the top reason why not to join a tennis club.

Then combine this with a follow up annual membership which we promote, to convert to a full member. As this revenue is larger we typically share this with you, the tennis club.

We can also amend the offers depending on the time of year. For example a month trial around Wimbledon is perfect to capitalise on the peak in interest in tennis with the British public. Around Christmas time a month’s membership makes a great Christmas present.

In the New Year, including an offer up until annual renewal date ties in with the January fitness push.

Every club is different and we can be totally flexible with your membership structure. This being marketing, trialling different offers also means we can optimise the marketing campaign better.

One point to note is to make this financially viable, we need the full basic membership offer as a minimum.

Step 2 – Creating a Landing Page on

The landing page is simply a web page for your club. On it, we will promote the offers and we will send visitors from the digital marketing campaigns on Google, Facebook etc to this page, as well as on leaflets.

An example is

Why set up the landing page?

This page is specifically set up to convert visitors to customers and ultimately as new members for your tennis court.

These pages are highly optimised for conversions, include elements such as ‘call to actions’ and something that is typically difficult and costly for tennis clubs to do on their own website.

The second reason is so we can analyse Google Analytics to optimise our marketing campaigns to make them more efficient, by implementing strategies such as ‘retargeting’ and performing A/B split testing.

Please feel free to ask us about any technical points and we’ll be happy to explain the detail.

 Step 3 – Promoting the Offer 

Once the bespoke landing page is in place, we will start promoting the offer.

There are various channels (Google, Facebook, Leafleting) we do this by and we’ll take you through each one.


Through our expertise we will drive traffic through search engine optimisation (SEO) and Google Adwords.

We have researched the most relevant terms and will be placing highly optimised Adwords ads for your area. Our optimisation process includes:

  • Keywords
  • Conversions
  • Geo-targeting
  • Ad copy

For organic results, we are already ranking on the Google results page for key terms such as ‘brixton tennis club’ and for your area we will make sure your offers will be publicised.


Facebook is a great way to make a local audience aware of the membership offer.

We use our expertise to run paid ad campaigns which place the offer infront of relevant local audience.

It is also a great way to re-target potential customers who have already visited the site

Twitter and other Social Media

Twitter is a great way to drive organic and paid traffic.

With use of local hashtags it’s a great way to raise awareness in your local area.

Also we will get in touch with large local accounts to request retweets.

Step 4 – New members buy the offer on

Every new member who buys the offer will receive a voucher. Your membership admin will get an email notification every time a new member sends up to send them all the details you need. The new member will receive instructions and your club contact details and a proof of payment voucher.

As previously mentioned, we will then offer a follow up voucher to convert the one month to a full membership.

Any revenue over £100 is split with the tennis club and you keep any membership renewal income for year 2, 3 etc.


1. How much do we have to pay for new members?

All you have to do is agree to a 1 month trial and full membership offer.

2. How long will the offer last?
It is up to you but we ask for a minimum of 3 months so we can market the offer properly. We’ve found that at different times of year different offers work better. 

3. Does it have to be 1 month?
No, we are totally flexible in the offer. We can tailor it around your membership structure and the time of year. In fact, we can trial different offers and see which works best.
Having said that, we find for new members a 1 month is a great way to get new people through your door so they can try out your club.

4. Do you do junior offers?
Yes we do. We’ve found that half price junior offers work best.

If you have any questions, please contact us at and we’d love to talk through any opportunities.

About Me

My name’s Daniel Weir, I’m an avid tennis player and also work in Digital Marketing and Web Design. I’ve been on the committee of my local tennis club and known what a struggle it can be get new players through the door. There is usually little or no budget for marketing and it can be very time consuming for little reward.

That’s how this website was born. By marrying my tennis experience with my digital skills I will be solving the problem of getting new members to join their local club.