Wilton Tennis Club

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Wilton Tennis Club

Wilton Tennis Club is located on Wilton Grove in Wimbledon SW19.

It’s convenient if you live in Wimbledon, Merton Park, Morden, Wimbledon and is also not far from Morden tube.

Read our guide to find our all you need to know about this local tennis club.


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About Wilton Tennis Club

Located in SW19, Wilton is a lovely, thriving tennis club in South West London.

Highlight of this club include:

  • 4 Hardcourts and 1 Mini Tennis Court
  • Floodlights
  • 5 Mens and 3 Womens Teams
  • Adult and Junior Coaching
  • Kids Holiday Tennis Camps
  • Full, Improver and Junior Memberships
  • Refurbished Clubhouse
  • Bar and Kitchen Facilities
  • Group and Individual Coaching

Read on to find out other key details for the club.


There are various membership options for Wilton Tennis club.

There is a full adult membership which is £215 per year. This means you have access to all booking times, social tennis and tournaments.

If you are just starting out there is an improver membership. You can join the coaching programme, have some access to court bookings and 1 social tennis session a month. 

There is also Mid-week, social, student and junior memberships available.

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The Courts at Wilton

Wilton Tennis club has 5 courts in total. Most of them are artificial clay.

Artificial courts can be played on in all conditions and if it’s raining then the artificial clay play beautifully.

Once you are a member you can book courts online.

We’re not sure if there are floodlights and there are no indoor courts.

Tennis at Wilton Tennis Club

There is a good variety of tennis available to members at Wilton. This includes:

  • Booking courts
  • Social Tennis
  • Tournaments
  • Team Tennis
  • Lessons and Coaching
  • Juniors

As mentioned, if you want to play your own private singles or doubles then you can book a court online.

There are various social sessions throughout the week where you can turn up and play organised doubles. This includes Tuesday evenings and Sunday afternoons. This is a great way to meet new people and improve your tennis.

There are tennis tournaments throughout the year. There is the big Summer tournament, but also American tournaments and handicap tournaments too.

If you are a team player then you are spoilt for choice at Wilton. There are Mens and Womens teams. Just head down on Tuesday evening or Sunday afternoon.

There is also a singles ladder, great if you prefer the solo game!

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Facilities and Club House at Wilton Tennis Club

There are some great facilities at Wilton.

There is a welcoming club house which can be hired out. It’s also been renovated recently and is a lovely place for a beer or a gin and tonic.

The grounds are very leafy and lots of lovely plants and flowers. It’s a tranquil setting!

The best news is there is a licenced bar, as well as an equipped kitchen and barbeque area.

Social Life 

A big part of Wilton is the social side.

There’s a packed annual schedule of events including barbeques, quiz nights, parties and more besides.

There’s even a social membership and it’s a lovely way to spend an afternoon, even if you’re not playing.

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Tennis Coaching and Lessons At Wilton

    Coaching at Wilton is supplied via Limitless Tennis and there are lots of options if you want to improve your game.

    From tots to adults there is something for everyone.

    There is also cardio tennis and group coaching for adults and juniors, which is a great way to meet new people.

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    Preston LTC Facilities

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    Wilton Contact Details

    28 Wilton Grove, London SW19 3QX

    020 8296 9668

    If you’d like a closer look then check out the results on Google Maps.

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